With the Canias-ERP Information Management System Module (KMS), it is aimed to organize the data in the system, to transfer it to the information management data warehouse and to provide access between modules.

This module aims to include people’s implicit knowledge such as experience and acquisition into the system. By presenting this information in interfaces suitable for the habits of internet users, it encourages information sharing and enables a more collective system. Information Management System Module system integration is shown in the graphic.



It is an information management application used to search the data in the Canias-ERP system. It provides easy access to the desired information by searching the Information Management Data Warehouse with a single word or phrase. It is also possible to open the related applications of Canias-ERP modules from the results with one click.

The Knowledge Explorer application, designed with an HTML browser, has a user-friendly interface that can respond to users’ habits in the internet environment. The feedback mechanism, which is one of the fundamentals of knowledge management, is another feature of the Knowledge Explorer application. Users have the ability to “like”, “dislike”, “rate” or “comment” on the listed results, which are today’s popular habits. In the light of these feedbacks, it is possible to optimize searches, prepare statistics and reports.

Another important issue in information management is that information is not lost. For this reason, revision follow-up of the data is also carried out in the Information Management Data Warehouse. Being able to search for old versions of a piece of information allows you to benefit from the feedback of those versions as well.



This application is the information encyclopedia of the Canias-ERP system. It collects the data categorized with catalogs under a specific heading and turns them into articles. These articles, like an encyclopedia page, present all the necessary information about that topic in a single frame. In this way, it is possible to see the big picture instead of just reaching information. For example, a material catalog can be created and a page article can be produced for each material code.

In this article, basic information of the material, production information, sales/supply information etc. can be displayed together. Knowledge encyclopedia is also an ideal way to access summary data, as it presents in a template suitable for today’s e-Encyclopedia designs, just like the Knowledge Explorer application.


The Information Management System module has integration with all modules in the Canias-ERP system, especially the Basic Data Management and TROIA Development Tools modules.



  • User friendly interface
  • Integration with modules in the Canias-ERP system
  • Exact information entry
  • Feedback mechanism
  • Flexible catalog design
  • Revision tracking
  • Classification of data
  • Approval mechanism for the shares made