Canias-ERP Purchase Management (PUR) module covers all kind of transactions needed for a company's purchase process. Users can open purchase requests for needed materials or services, request quotes from vendors, save price information from their vendors to the system and create agreement documents with their vendors where necessary through this module.

Purchase order documents and reports can also be prepared for these materials or services. Similarly, shipments for oversea purchases can be tracked, and inventory, delivery, invoice and vendor analysis related to purchase orders can be performed.


The Purchase Management module has a structure integrated to the other modules in the system. With the Material Requirements Planning module, a purchase request can be created with the most suitable order time and amount. In this process, parameters such as delivery times, time of purchase and purchase of goods as well as a deadline based on needs are taken into consideration. Changes can be made to the resulting purchase requests, if desired, before creating the order. In addition, high priority requests can be defined over the system according to the purchase time and other parameters. Then, these purchase requests resulting from Material Requirements Planning can be converted to purchase orders through the application and the purchase process can be initiated.


In the Purchase Management module, it is possible to associate purchase requests with various information such as accounts, customers, projects, production orders, fixture information or cost centers. This association, which is established in the purchase request, is transferred to the order document when the request is converted into the order. In addition, a one-to-one connection can be established for multiple projects, production orders, fixtures or cost centers if desired. Users can also manage transportation stages with this module. Many comprehensive functions from a simple order confirmation to the location tracking of the transportation stages of the order are offered in this module. In addition, the Purchase Management module creates a purchase request or purchase order for a material with Material Recommendations application, and it recommends the other materials to be purchased together with the material. Thus, companies can realize a more efficient and advantageous purchasing process.



In addition to the purchase of the materials with inventory receipts, the purchase of the maintenances and services without inventory receipts can be initiated, and the procurement processes can be managed in this module. In addition, the procurement process of materials supplied externally for production can be operated with the external operations concept. The dynamic printing feature in the Purchase Management module allows the users to define various dynamic printing conditions based on document type or vendor. Users can print documents with any of these defined conditions. Thus, a document can be converted into a printout in different ways.

In this module, purchase items can be allocated to other transactions in the system with reservation and other transactions in the system can be made available for external subparts. A bid can be opened for specific materials on the module; In the opened bids, the vendors can be asked questions to determine the most suitable vendor for the procurement process. After the returned responses are processed into the system, the vendor that won can be determined. Features such as additional fees and discounts at document and item level, creation of different invoices and buyers, and integration into the Document Management module are among the advantages of the module.



In an environment where the competition and cost pressures on the companies constantly increase, the Purchase Management module systematically enables more effective vendor management, accelerates the processes and achieves more economic results. The module, fully integrated to the system, takes into account all the parameters that are important for procurement throughout the process and contributes to increasing savings as well as transparency.



The Purchase Management module works in an integrated manner with many modules in the system to ensure an effective purchase process. With the Inventory Management module integration, receipt of purchased materials into the inventory takes place directly with the purchase document. The stock receipt status of the order can be tracked through purchase applications. Integration with the Invoice Verification module allows order documents to be matched to invoices and the invoice receipt status of the order to be monitored.

Automated purchase requests can be created for materials with critical stock with Material Requirement Planning module integration. Integration with the Production Management module enables external purchases. Integrated with the Sales Management module, this module can create an automatic purchase request or purchase order for the Buy and Sell orders. Integration with the Budget Management module helps to easily check if there is sufficient budget when creating a purchase requisition or purchase order. With the integration of the Import Management module, the purchase orders can be added directly to the declarations and the foreign purchasing operations can be carried out in an integrated manner with this module.



  • Request Management
  • Bid Management
  • Agreement Management
  • Order Management
  • Piece-by-Piece Order
  • Create an order from agreements
  • Centrally creating a purchase agreement
  • Vendor recommendation during creating a purchase order from requests
  • Bid management
  • History tracking for purchase documents’ management
  • Archiving documents in Document Management module
  • Automatic purchase requisition after Material Requirements Planning
  • Description texts for documents and items
  • Sending orders by email
  • Flexible price list and contract management
  • Price comparison based on order quantity
  • Confirmation mechanism
  • In-system Electronic Data Interchange module connection
  • Tolerance management
  • Payment plans
  • Additional cost (transport, insurance, customs, packaging) consideration
  • Goods receipt control
  • Viewing purchase development
  • Create user document constraints
  • Dynamic print management
  • Cost Center distribution
  • Material Suggestion application