Collaboration Management (CLB) module, personal and company agenda management, address book management applications, personal or general deadlines and all tasks can be managed.


The agenda in the Collaboration Management module can be viewed as a personal view of the relevant user or as a company-wide overview. The period to be displayed can be selected individually. The desired search can be made in the interactive agenda using various display filters such as resources (Company tools, space availability) or employee groups (Departments, teams, etc.). The creation of new events can be done manually or automatically with integrated processes. In addition, important information such as payment or contract renewal dates in the ERP system can be tracked through the module via the agenda.



The task and activity manager in the module provides extensive functionality for creating and managing tasks. User-definable task and event types such as on-site meeting, in-house activity can be used. Here different statuses can be assigned to tasks or events.



The Collaboration Management module presents all the important lists and figures of the relevant company, obtained from the entire Canias-ERP system, to the user on the console. In addition, all desired indicators, including open jobs, tasks and information from external sources, can be aggregated into a user-specific summary view.



The Collaboration Management module is an interactive communication solution that offers numerous possibilities for setting up personalized work arrangements. Thanks to its structure fully integrated into the Canias-ERP system, it allows the establishment of desired individual connections as well as the initiation of many processes.



  • Dynamic adaptive user console.
  • Connection with Canias-ERP modules/processes or external data sources.
  • Task, event planning and management tool.
  • Personal or company agenda management.