The integrated structure of the Canias-ERP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module allows the relevant data obtained from all other modules in the system to be centrally kept and managed.

Thanks to the actions taken in this module, all communications with customers / vendors and potentials can be saved. Additionally, action records can be created from modules such as Opportunity Management, Issue Management, Sales Management, Collaboration Management. With the Planned Actions transaction, it is possible to define an action group and trigger all other planned actions related to this action. Main functions of the Customer Relations Management module include keeping contact information tailored to individual needs, taking special approaches for prospective customers, and responding immediately to developments in customer relations.

The location of the Customer Relationship Management module in the general system is shown in the graphic.


Countless information flows into the system every day with customer data coming through communication tools such as e-mails, phone calls, faxes, letters and text messages. The data and documents created in this way are stored centrally on the system thanks to the integration provided with all other modules. Detailed information on topics such as past transactions, contacts, addresses, relations with competitors and behaviour of competitors obtained from sales, service and marketing departments can be used for strategic relationship management.



The Customer Relationship Management module supports the regulation and supervision activities in the entire sales chain, from proposals to invoices. Thanks to the integration of the address book and customer data, documents can be edited quickly and accurately and tracked completely. In addition, types such as Potential Customer / Vendor, Customer or Vendor can be created, assigned to the relevant person and all transactions made from the moment of candidacy can be followed.



The mobile transaction of the module can be used on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablet computers, which allows the creation and maintenance of relevant data while in field service. The Salesperson Console provides a quick overview of key functional areas in the module and enables more transparent management of customer relationships and the resulting responses. The ability to view all communication history independently makes the daily work of an employee in the field service extremely easy.



Since the Customer Relationship Management module works in integration with the entire ERP system, it allows companies to make better predictions about their customers, vendors and potential customer / vendors. Thanks to the history tracking, the details of all data in the system and all relevant modules (Sales Management, Purchasing Management, Accounting, Service Management, Production Management, Inventory Management etc.) can be accessed. In addition, thanks to its integration with the Collaboration Management module, events / actions can be tailored specifically to the relevant persons and customers. With the Document Management module, all documents related to customers / suppliers / prospective customers / prospective suppliers can be recorded and followed up from the system. Thanks to the shortcuts on the Salesperson Console, sales personnel can perform operations such as creating new actions or creating sales documents in the Sales Management module. Switchboard integration can also be made in order for call center employees to access records quickly and to make certain transactions and routing automatically. In addition to all these integrations, it is also possible to use the Customer Relationship Management module as an independent solution. However, the complete integration of the module into the Canias-ERP general system ensures a complete and integrated work between the Marketing, Call Center, Sales and Service departments.



  • Flawless Integraion to Canias-ERP
  • Action Management
  • Communication management
  • Potential customer/vendor, customer and vendor
  • Data Maintenance
  • Communication Planning and Contact History
  • Tele-marketing Support / Switchboard Integration Option
  • Sending multiple mail/letter/SMS
  • Customer Group Analysis
  • Planned Actions
  • Integration with Collaboration Management
  • Email Client
  • Calendar
  • Task Manager
  • Activity Manager
  • Address Book Manager
  • SMS Sender
  • Sales Campaign Management
  • Salesperson Console
  • Evaluations